Master Monesh holds a Bachelor of Yogic Science, Master of Yoga and is currently pursuing his Phd. of Yogic Science.

Master Monesh has won many national and international yoga competitions.

Master Monesh believes that yoga is to be practiced with awareness in a safe and peaceful environment.  Master Monesh is a yoga therapist and teaches from basic to advance yoga, specializing in backbend and twist.

What Students Say About Master Monesh? 

“Master Monesh taught me to be aware of my own body and I have more awareness and also to accept my limitations and let be.”

“Master Monesh gives clear instructions and help to correct our postures.  His stretch class has helped improve my flexibility.”

“Master is very patient, inspiring and knowledgeable about yoga.”

“I have gained more awareness in postures – what to do to achieve the pose, what to activate and engage.  I have a deeper understanding now of how to achieve a pose and being more mindful of my body.”

“Master classes offer challenges but it can be tailored to our needs, letting us know what to focus on to achieve certain poses and ensuring the right postures.”

“I have become more flexible and sleep better.  I like that Master gives hands on adjustments to achieve the best posture.”

“Master Monesh takes his time and interest to help each individual, no matter their skill and experience level.  I have become more flexible and less stressed.”

“Master Monesh makes doing yoga enjoyable and my back has become more flexible.”

“Master Monesh is very supportive and I enjoy the calm practice in his class.  I have become more flexible and mindful.”

“Master Monesh gives good demonstations in class, encourages and push us to do more with consideration to our body structures.  I have become more flexible and my body feels good and relaxed after each session especially after sitting at work all day.”

“I like that Master Monesh gives everyone instructions based on level of practice.  I have improved on my strength and am a more relaxed person ever since I started practicing at Lotus Yoga.”

“Master Monesh classes has a good combination of easy and challenging poses. He has very good knowledge and practice on pranayama.”

“Master challenges us to be better, stronger and more flexible.  His demonstrations in the class are very good and classes are fun.”