Lotus Yoga

Lotus Yoga is a boutique yoga studio nestled at Bijou, beside Pasir Panjang MRT. Come practice with us at our lovely yoga sanctuary where there is no judgement and you can focus on your own practice. Enhance your experience with good mat space, high ceiling, good ventilation at a beautiful studio which is conducive to your yoga practice for your physical and mental well-being. Lotus Yoga provides a supportive environment for beginners to embark their yoga journey with as well as offer challenges to regular practitioners to enhance their practices.

Yoga promotes higher states of harmony and peace both as an individual and also as a social being.  Experience positive physical health in the form of improved muscle strength, stamina, dexterity, immune stability for positive physical health benefits.  Feel empowered with improved perceptual sharpness, intelligence, memory, emotional stability, that are indicators of positive health achieved after yoga practices. Yoga also promotes family harmony and peace, helping to prevent many stress-related health problems.