Teacher Corinna is an accredited E-RYT200 and YACEP Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer. She aspires to share the benefits gained from her yoga practice. Yoga has helped her improve her immunity and overall health and fitness.

Teacher Corinna won the gold medals in the Everest National Yoga Sports (India) Championship and the 2nd Singapore National Yoga Championship in Yogasana.  She represented Singapore in the 6th and 7th Asia Yoga Championship.  She has also gained her yoga referee certification and is certified in Jikiden and Usui Reiki.

She specializes in Hatha yoga and stretch, back, shoulder and hip opening classes.

What Students Say About Teacher Corinna? 

“I love Corinna’s classes as I can come and relax and be in peace with no judgement.  She is a great teacher and very encouraging, makes me happy.  She is kind, polite, articulate and fun.  I have improved my flexibility, become calmer and also gain knowledge on our physique and about yoga.”

“Teacher Corinna helps in postures and offers alternatives and adjustments.  Her classes are fun and interesting with variation.  She always offers words of encouragement and is very patient.  She understands each individual’s flexibility and limitation.  Love the soothing music she plays in class.”

“My tight arms, shoulders have improved tremendously.  My spine used to be very stiff and I cannot do backbends. My backbend has shown remarkable results under Teacher Corinna’s guidance.  I am very thankful and grateful.”

“Teacher Corinna is very dedicated and committed to help her students to improve and work on their challenges.  Her private training classes are exceptional.”

“Teacher Corinna ensures we have sufficient warm ups before performing poses.  She is familiar with each student’s strengths and weaknesses.  She explains the benefits of each posture and the correct way to perform them.  I have shown improvement in all areas”

“Teacher Corinna made me realise my potential and ability to achieve more in each posture than I thought is possible.  She offers a next level of challenge when I have attained a challenge.  She offers opportunities for us to practice challenging asanas regularly so we can gain better mastery of the postures. I feel supported mentally and physically in her classes.”

“I like the pace of Teacher’s Corinna classes; it is appropriate not too fast or too slow.  She demonstrates the postures which makes it easy to follow her classes.”

“After attending Teacher’s Corinna classes, my spine has become more flexible and relaxed.  I also like that she caters to people of different experiences in a class.”

“Teacher Corinna give detailed cues to help go deeper into stretches and I have become more flexible.”

“Corinna’s classes have made me become more flexible and I enjoy greater mobility in my hips and spine.  She is a very good teacher.”

“Attending her classes has helped my spine problems.  Her classes helps in my overall well-being,”

“I like the personal adjustments that Teacher Corinna gives in class.  I have become more flexible and reduced stress since I began practice at Lotus Yoga.”

“I love that Teacher Corinna’s classes offer appropriate challenge and her Neck, Shoulder & Spine and Hip Opening classes are my favourite.”

“My spine has become stronger and my body more relaxed.  My favourite class is her Neck, Shoulder & Spine class.”

“I love the personal stretching during private training with Teacher Corinna.  She also gives me the correct exercises that my body and I need.  Her Yin Yoga, Stretch, Hip Opening and Hatha classes are very good.”

“Love the way Teacher Corinna conducts her classes.  My favourite is Yin Yoga where she explains clearly and in details the intent and benefits of each posture.”